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Finca Bosque in San Pablo La Laguna is a small lake side property that produces great tasting organic coffee. Hidden amongst the coffee trees are three unique casitas that are available for rent with a 2 night minimum stay. Each casita is distinct and vary from rustic to very comfortable providing easy access to Lake Atitlan and the surrounding villages. The property accessible by tuk tuk from San Pablo La Laguna, San Marcos La Laguna, San Juan La Laguna and San Pedro La Laguna. If you're arriving by boat from Panajachel you can use the properties private dock.

Nearby Things To Do

Coffee Tours, Bird Watching, Hiking, Mountaing Biking, Kayaking or just relaxing in a hammock are a few of the things to do, while staying at Finca Bosque.

The properties central location in between several popular Lake Atitlan villages, make it a great starting point for people interested in learning to weave or work with textiles in San Juan La Laguna. The property is also great for people interested in massage or holistic treatments in San Marcos La Laguna. Finca Bosque has kayaks that can be used by guests who want to explore the lake and all it has to offer. Many of our guests enjoy hiking the Indian Nose or Volcano San Pedro. Lake Atitlan has lots of things to do so it's just a matter of deciding what you want to do when you arrive at Finca Bosque.

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Phone: +502 5015-6755


Address: Las Cristilinas
San Pablo La Laguna, Lake Atitlan